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Health Insurance

Health insurance covers medical expenses for a variety of different procedures and surgeries. In some cases, it also provides discounts on medicine. Participating in a wide network of available hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities, Wid is able to provide excellent benefits and convenience to its customers.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance covers a variety of incidents a person may be exposed to. As a standard it covers partial disability or total disability, but it can also can be customized to include travel insurance or accidents related to combative situations.

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Fire & General Insurance

The Fire and General Insurance Policy provides comprehensive protection of high-value assets to customers, as well as the repair and replacement of these assets due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, fires and thefts.

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Car & Vehicle Insurance

The company provides comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage that provides protection against injuries, loss or damage of the vehicle and third-party liability under a variety of circumstances.

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Loan Insurance

This policy provides insurance coverage to a wide range of sectors that help companies successfully complete their business transactions by protecting them from default due to financial or political circumstances.

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Company Goods Insurance

Companies that sell, manufacture, distribute, and import consumer goods often have the need to insure the transport, storage, and risk of damage for these goods until they are sold to customers. We offer insurance that can cover each of this potential point of incident and can even provide warranty insurance for after sale risk.

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Travel Insurance

The company provides its customers travelling for business or tourism with various insurance coverage carefully designed to provide them with peace of mind during their travels and enable them to travel without any hassle.

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Maritime & Cargo Insurance

The company provides its customers who transport goods by sea insurance coverage against any losses or damage to ships, fleets and goods under this policy.

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Engineering Insurance

During the various and multiple stages of construction, different types of risks are involved for contractors. Engineering insurance covers a variety of events that a person might be exposed to

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Cash Transfer Insurance

This policy provides insurance protection during the transfer of money(currency) from one place to another, especially between the offices of customers (his insurer), between their offices and bank offices or between the branches of the banks themselves.

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Cash-Keeping Insurance

This policy provides insurance protection for money while in the treasury or cash box .

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