Insurance has become a critical necessity in modern life in protecting families and individuals from any variety of calamities they may face.

This has become an increasingly important mandate for the Iraqi government including regulations dating back to 2015 obliging ministries to provide health insurance to their employees. However, it is still a relatively new concept for most citizens, so continued awareness and education regarding the benefits of having insurance is extremely important. The government will play a vital role in this, but the private sector will also be critical to making the necessity of insurance mainstream for society.

The primary theme of having insurance is the protection and security against financial disaster. Too often families around the world, and certainly in Iraq, as financially devastated when a loved one falls ill requiring treatment, or there is damage to property. Insurance, in this regard, becomes a economic stabilizer and also provides people with a sense of security.

Our business strives to understand the true nature of our customers issues, tailor our products for their needs, and ensure that they are treated like a member of our family.

Company Overview

As part of its ambitious strategic plan, WID seeks to operate as a competitive insurance institution that promotes innovation and occupies a market leading position among insurance organizations.

We offer a variety of high quality products and services to meet the needs of the customer. We take great care in focusing on custom solutions that provide our customers exactly what they need when they need it and then a level of support the ensures they always know we are with them. It is a sense of security for our customers that we provide international class services they can trust and this customer centric view of our business is at the core of our values.

Thanks to our forward-looking business view, we have leveraged leading edge technology to create a platform that is highly automated and ensures the ease of use from beginning to end for our customers.

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Our Values

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We believe that focusing on positivity opens up possibilities at every moment

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We are real and
servereal people

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We believe in simplifying and elimiating the ambiguity of insurance to deliver real

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We help people see the possibilities themselves and the opportunities around them

Our Approach

We offer insurance solutions for companies and individuals in Iraq to meet the unique needs and requirements of different customers.

As a public insurance company, we provide insurance coverage for different risks, with a firm commitment to supporting both companies and individuals in their efforts to ensure that their future is protected.

We believe in partnership, and through the use of technology we are able to deliver superior insurance solutions that are accessible and accessible by everyone and easily.

Through telemedicine, virtual clinics and telemonitoring, health insurance card holders can be provided with 24/7 access to healthcare providers via smart devices from anywhere in the world.

With technology and automation at our core we can provide a comprehensive platform that connects the insured to a wide network of medical care providers from arond the world.

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